Children entertainment in Perth

Magicians, fairies, balloonists, clown, story tellers, who will take your kids to a different world.

Dez Pondent

Dez Pondent is a deadpan stand-up comic. During his live performances, he draws on his extensive experience as a film critic as he reviews movies in a random, unpredictable fashion. He may also refer to his moonlighting (and daylighting) as an art and food critic. An unusual looking fellow, his surreal, deadpan style entertains and sometimes even educates audiences alike.

Awards: Australia's 8th-ranked film critic (based on assessment by D.Pondent)

Special talents: Deadpan comedy, Film critic, Art critic, Food critic, Singer

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Reggie Dsouza

Awards: Drum DVD how to improve your Performance

Special talents: Drummer and Percussion

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Jon Madd

Always the entertainer, Jon Madd is your magician to get the party started on time, every time! With his cheeky charm and natural charisma, he has been an absolute hit at festivals, corporate functions, social events and private parties, leaving behind only a trail of smiles, laughter and bewilderment. Jon's unique blend of social awareness, borderline inappropriate humour, and sneaky sleight of hand makes him stand out as a performer, drawing his audience into a bubble of disbelief for brief moments of absolute close up magic. Click on this profile to read more!

Awards: Mr Boylesque Western Australia 2013

Special talents: Highly sociable, Born entertainer, Party starter, Charismatic performer, Hard worker

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